27 Jun. 2011

Kyle Stock Fest Kicked off the Summer Local Music Scene Right!

On Friday June 24th at College Park Ministries, 18 local and 1 not so local band, took the stage to kick off the summer of shows in the local music scene. It was a compilation of some of the best hardcore/punk bands Indy has to offer. If you hadn’t experienced the music scene in Indy yet this was definitely the show to do it at.

Kyle Stock started 3 years ago, when Kyle Williams came up with the idea to have a few bands get together to kick off the summer. He was just thinking about doing it at his house, but when ten bands signed up, he and friends Matt Reed, and Michael Mathioudakis decided a venue was a necessity. They contacted the people at College Park Ministries and the show has been held there all three years.

One thing I found awesome at this show was that they had two stages set up, so that there was very little lag between bands. The down time was less than fifteen minutes a set. Last year was the first time they went back and forth between stage areas.

K.Stock was a reminder of all the great bands Indy has, and the scene they grew up in. It encompassed many of the seasoned bands in Indianapolis, Same as Sunday, News From Verona, Rose Maylie, Ironsides, and recent Ernie Ball Battler winners, Forevermore.

Having only heard of the greatness of some of these bands I was excited to see them play! You hop around the music scene enough, its clear to see who are the real show-stoppers, the ones people go the distance to see.

There was so much camaraderie and support at this show, it was great to see all of the bands interact with one another and support each other.

I arrived at the show at nearly five o’clock so I missed the first couple acts. The first full band we got to see was The Great Flood Catastrophe from Forte Wayne, Indiana. They were a little more pop punk then I would have expected at K. Stock, but there were moments in their songs that were reminiscent of Maroon 5, their not Maroon 5 but similar. I could see how if you were a fan of Maroon 5 you would enjoy this band. The band played mainly on the ground connecting with their fans. At one point the lead singer even walked his way through the audience singing to each individual. They were great at working the crowd. The band will be playing at the He is We show on Friday at the Emerson, for a chance to see them again.

Dismiss the Serpent, it’s always kind of hard for me to be too harsh on Hardcore bands. I don’t like a lot of hardcore but there is some I love. I wouldn’t classify Dismiss the Serpent as bad. I recall some good guitar rifts, great backing vocals and the crowd was into it, I just wasn’t. I don’t have anything bad to say, it just wasn’t my style. When the snarls come in and the pig noises start….you lose me.

Red Morning Voyage was up next, they are another melodic hardcore band, but their performance was amazing! They had very good stage presence throughout their entire set and it was clear to see that they loved what they did. Plus they had some real nice melodies to go with their music. The drums were intense and wondrous and you could feel the music as it played. Their vocals were clear, and they did a great job! I would be happy to watch this band play anytime.

After Red Morning Voyage was over, I was anxiously awaiting one of my favorite local band, Same as Sunday. The boys started off with “Roads, where we’re going we don’t need Roads,” which is always a crowd favorite and good for pulling in people. I would say SAS’s usual crowd wasn’t there at Kyle Stock, I think it was more about the Hard hardcore music, but none the less the boys didn’t let it stop them.

The show might not have been as good as their April Fools show at The Gear, but they never really disappoint. A highlight for me is when the band decided to go a little old skool with an “Ode to Miss Communication,” at which point the crowd and  lead singer Chris Bauchle really got into it, the SAS we all know and love shined in this song. As always Josh Cox’s presence during “Exits and Entrances,” with SAS was felt, he is always a nice addition to SAS.

No matter what SAS showed exactly why they have been kicking this city’s ass for several years now, and will continue kicking it, til they just can’t kick anymore.

It couldn’t have worked out better for Ironsides to be the next band up. After Cox left SAS, he started setting up for his set. Here’s where I admit something that might be shocking, I have known of various bands including Josh Cox, over the last couple years. I have seen him at SAS shows,  joining them on stage, I have even been to shows that Ironsides played at but just missed them…so this was my first time seeing Ironsides.

Obviously at this point it was a band I had interest in seeing, I was hoping I wouldn’t be disappointed, I wasn’t.

Their set was so intense. It kicked hardcore in the butt and made it rock. My favorite part of their performance was when Josh Cox grabbed his acoustic and started strumming away, “End of Story.” I was expecting some big transition into some hardcore song, and just when I thought it wasn’t coming, it came and let me just say it was AMAZING, the band couldn’t have timed it better. The other highlight of their set was their new song “No longer my Torment,” as Cox introduced the song he let us know it was the first time they had ever played the song publicly, they had only just tried it out the night before. I am glad they decided to let us here it, “the legit breakdown,” as Cox called it was golden in this song.

Rose Maylie was up next, I had never seen them play before but the crowd made it clear whose home turf this was. Another band, I never had the chance to see, that was AMAZING! I can honestly say they are probably one of my favorite hardcore bands I have seen in this area. They were on point from the first song to their last. It didn’t matter where you were standing their performance was good and felt. It’s always great when the audience is right there with the band hanging on to every single word. Trust me the crowd was doing this. Lead singer, Caleb Spencer was right there with them the entire time. His screams were perfect, just loud enough without being too loud. The crowd even got rowdy during their set, they were jamming and jumping around with the band.

Next up was special treat from Nashville, Farewell Fighter, who just got picked for their local Warped Tour battlers. They were amazing from the first song. I had never heard them before, although they have played locally a few times. They were amazing from start to end, their lyrics were perfect. It’s no wonder that they were AP’s #1 Hometown heroes for the year 2010. They have a video currently playing in the store Journey’s so be sure to look for that. Also make sure to check out their facebook, and say hello old skool Ludo….but better! I seriously can’t express how great this band was from their Disney cover of “You got a friend in me,” from Toy Story, to their originals, “Love Lust or are we losing it,” and “Growing Pains.”

After their set, it was time for one of my other local favorites, News From Verona. A lot of you don’t know this but Josh Randolph was one of the first people I met in the Indy music scene. I had not seen them perform in quite sometime, the last time I saw them perform however was extremely memorable.

Now with a whole new slew of songs and a much more developed sound, I was so excited to get to see them play again. The first song the guys started with was their current single, “All I know is I know Nothing,” this has to be one of the best songs the guys have written. The song sounds amazing from the keys, to the strings of the guitar, to the beat of Dan Voris on the drums. One thing I loved that NFV did with, “Here we Are,” was go back and forth between lead singer, Josh Randolph and lead guitarist/backing vocalist, Chad Shirrell. On All I know, this is something the boys once again immerse themselves in and I can honestly say it really creates a last effect with the song. I got to hear a few songs played for the first time “Liars,” was a real treat and showed a new and developed band.

NFV heads to Nashville, to the studio soon to record their first full length album, with Eden Records. I’ll be heading down  to spend a little bit of time with the guys in the studio, so be looking for video/photos and an interview with the boys sometime mid/late July.

Giuseppe Capolupo, played a short acoustic set, just him and his drummer. The songs were fun and he did great! Afterward he and a bunch of the drummers from the show created a drum circle. The drummers showed off their skills, it was a lot of fun and definitely a highlight of the memorable evening!


I unfortunately didn’t get to catch most of TugFork, I had a couple of people I needed to talk to for articles and this happen to be the time it worked out.

The last band of the night was the band that just landed a spot on Warped Tour Indy, Forevermore. It was the first time I got to see these guys as well, like Ironsides I have been to plenty of shows that they played at, but happen to come in right after their set. I was excited to see them play live, I’d heard their stuff on Facebook, and their word of mouth is amazing. After this set I can understand why. Their set was memorable from start to finish!

From the first song to the last song, Forevermore’s stage presence was felt. Bassist, Derek Belter, was on point the entire show, and unlike most bassist he got involved with the crowd and had fun throughout the entire set. Lead singer, Jordan Furr, was amazing his screams were heart felt. The guitar rifts from Alex Smith and Jared Storm were incredible, there was one point where they played in unison, and all I could do was stare at the quickness of their fingers.

I can’t wait to see Forevermore play at Warped in less then two weeks, they will be a great edition to the Ernie Ball stage.

The highlights of this show were, Same as Sunday, Farewell Fighter, Forevermore, Ironsides, Rose Maylie, and News from Verona.

One thing is for sure, the boys behind Kyle Stock definitely know how to pick bands, they did an amazing job of encompassing the best of Indianapolis music scene. It was a little more hardcore then I get into, but it was GOOD hardcore, and I still had a blast. I honestly can’t wait to see who’s playing next year, it was good blend of music at the heart of the scene punk/rock/hardcore.

When the music scene feels like its faltering, or you begin to be worried about your local scene, its a show like this that can bring it all together.


*Photos by Crystal Tieszen and Christopher Boyer*

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