24 Aug. 2011

Lex and Seth of Straight Line Stitch

One of the great things about the Rock Star Mayhem festival is the
chance to find more bands for your musical arsenal that you may have never
heard before. This year was no different. When Straight Line Stitch appeared on
the bill there were mixed feelings about the band. Once they hit the stage they
showed that they are a perfect fit for this tour. This band has actually been
tearing it up for a while now. This past March they released their second full
length album through E1 Music entitled The Fight Of Our Lives. This album is
actually heavier than their previous album When Skies Wash Ashore. They are definitely
a force in the Metalcore world that need to be noticed. I had the privilege to
talk with Lex (vocals) and Seth (guitar) before the show.

According to Seth, coming out of Knoxville was not an easy task.
He talked about how the band had to tour outside of the area in order to get
noticed. With a lot of touring and self promoting outside of the area, they
found their opportunities. They haven’t played home in over 2 years. There’s
really not a venue in Knoxville that can hold a band this size these days. It
seems that the Carolinas, Georgia, and Alabama are their bigger supporting
states. Now Indiana should be on that list.

The Fight Of Our Lives is the latest album from the band. It was
released in March of this year. Lex feels that the album; “resonates with
our crowd. People are always in some type of fight. So I think they can relate
to it pretty well.” I made the comment that this album is heavier, or more
aggressive than When Skies Was Ashore, their previous release. Lex and Seth
seemed to agree. Seth said that people were surprised by the how aggressive it
was. They made it clear that they don’t like to “pigeon hole” themselves
when they write. If it comes out heavy as the final product then it is. If it
comes out as a balled, so be it. “We don’t sit down and say ‘We’re going
to write the heaviest record on the planet.’ We just write how we feel.”
Only one song that was originally on the album was taken off. It was not
discarded though. It will be “Stripped down and rewritten” then most
likely put on the next album. It seems the support from the producers of the
albums had been there from the beginning. They were given free rein on the last
album. Lex stated that there was a lot of input during the recording. On Fight
Of Our Lives was even more a Straight Line Stitch full input. A “band
album”. I will agree with Lex that the band has matured a lot over the
years. This album amplifies that maturity.

I asked how the crowd base was now that they have been on the
tour. “Better than I expected” said Seth. “Who the hell is
Straight Line Stitch” was the comments that Lex says they received. But
the fan base for the stage has gotten bigger every show. They have loved the support
that they have gotten so far. I will make the point once again that touring is
the best way to get your name out there. With this being the first big festival
tour for the band they have used it to their advantage. With this being the
middle of the tour I was not surprised to see how many people had gathered for
their set. Word has gotten around about this band.

The bands most recent influences are mixed. In Flames new album
has been the big hit. There’s an album Seth mentioned called Ghost that is a big

hit around all of the bands on tour. Lex mentioned 36 Crazyfists and Sam Cooke believe
it or not. “Good music is good
“. The band has influences all across the board. Kanky
Lora the drummer is from the Dominican Republic so there is a feel of reggae
and Latin beats. They are very eclectic, but they all seem to flow towards
metal as the best release. “Everybody is a metal head in this band”
says Seth. With the feel of the music I am no one to argue.

They are currently working on some more touring. Look for them at
Astro Punk on August 28th in Brooklyn, another large music festival. Another
perfect opportunity for them to take more fans into their fast growing base.
They will be on tour with Lacuna Coil in November. That will be a huge show.
They are writing a new album as they tour. With the influences and experiences
traveling with them I don’t doubt that there will be a lot of material to keep
them going. The creativity stands alone. These people are definitely setting
the bar for new Metal core.


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