25 Aug. 2011

Mark Heylmun of Suicide Silence interview

One of the hardest and most aggressive bands out today is
Suicide Silence. They emerged from Riverside California in 2002. Suicide
Silence was really just a side project at first. In time they decided to make
it a full time project. Thank you for that. Their first full length album off
of Century Media entitled The Cleansing debuted at 94 on the billboard 200
chart selling over 7000 copies in 2007. They did their first Mayhem tour in
2008. In 2009 came the album No Time To Bleed, another big hit in the Metalcore
world. This year they released The Black Crown their third full length album.
It is nothing short of a progression of all of their previous work in my opinion.
It has all the maturity and attitude you would expect from these guys. I got
the opportunity to sit with Mark Haylmun, guitarist for the band. I wish I had
more time.

Mark didn’t necessarily seem to agree when I said that the
album was a progression.  “It’s more of a
natural progression”. They weren’t trying to push anything new. In January of
2010 they all moved into a cabin together and built a studio. They wrote a full
set of songs during their time there. According to Mark it just didn’t feel
right when they were done. So they scrapped the entire project. To them “It
just wasn’t good enough.” “This isn’t the third record.” They weren’t trying to
change. “We just wanted to write something we were really proud of.” With no
general theme they really wanted each song to be a stand alone song. Not copies or continuations of old material.

With this being the second time on the tour Mark made it
apparent that they still love being on the Mayhem tour. But they definitely
have more tour plans after Mayhem is done.
The band has plans to go international.
Australia, Europe, South East Asia, South America, and Canada. They will
be for the holidays. After that they plan on hitting the states at the beginning
of next year.  I asked Mark the
difference between playing a festival versus playing a club or smaller
venue.  “I think it’s more fun to play in
a headlining set. We know we’re just going to freak out. Because we know they
are here for us.” Mark and the band feed off of the crowd to give a great show.
That’s the beauty of a live show.  For a
venue like Mayhem its addressing the crowd and getting them involved. I know on
this specific day they accomplished that.

Mark has some pretty specific influences and recollections
of how he got to where he is. When he was a kid it was important for him to
wake up for elementary school and hurry up to get ready. Just so he could have
time to hang out in the garage and jam out to Guns and Roses and Ozzy. “I
wanted to be those guys when I was a kid. Why did I want to get up and do that?”
You can’t really explain why you want to be those people. He just really wanted
to know who these people were and to be like them. He tried singing but
realized that it wasn’t really what his strong point was. So that’s when he
picked up the guitar. ”I would practice for up to eight hours a day.”

If you wanted to hear what Mark hears these days. The new
Decapitated album is at the top of his list. “ It sounds like Far Beyond Driven
on meth.” Born of Osiris is also a big hit. The new Obituary also is on his
list. When he’s not on stage himself he loves watching Machine Head who happens
to be one of his favorite bands.

With the band coming through the states next year we can
hope that they come through Indianapolis. We know we have the fan base. I will
be first in line for the show. They really are a true live band. They feed off
of the crowd as much as we feed off of them. There’s a give and take that they
seem to understand and own. They say everything that we can’t seem to find the
words to scream. And they do it better than anyone. They need to be heard
because they are speaking for their fans.






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