01 Aug. 2011

Youthguard, Down Fi, Chelsea Hotel, Dead Roses and 9th Circle Symphony @ The Vollrath

Youthguard is from Indianapolis, Indiana.  Members are Joe Tatum-Vocals, Piano, Bobby Chin-Guitar, Steve Loser-Guitar, Chris Brock-Drums, and Ryan Sweeney-Bass.  Their latest release is Tea Cup which can be purchase by emailing them on their website http://www.youthguard.blogspot.com/.
They describe themselves on Facebook as “cognitively infectious musical agents” and it is hard not to tap your foot or smile at their onstage performance.  Their first album “Milk Cup” which was named by the guitar player’s son.  An easy music of upbeats and vocals from Joe, were sometimes hard to hear over the music but enjoyed.

9th Circle Symphony is from Indiana.  Members are Dru Cadaver, Kurt Fester, Juan Acosta, Niq Arcana, Blane Slaven, and David Heckman.  This was their first show and they had a hell of a debut. Four of their members wore gas masks and flack jackets, and took the stage as if in a war zone.  They are self-described progressive black metal.  Loud, excellent audible vocals (I love when I can report “audible), complete with a handful of fans, I would look for this band to become an Indy favorite. Friend them on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/9th-Circle-Symphony/203359633034043?sk=info/ so you can find where they are playing next.

Dead Roses from Houston Texas opened up for Chelsea Hotel.  The Glam/Punk/Rock duo consisted of Rob – bass, vocals and Rachael – vocals.  I wanted to hear more of Rachael’s voice, impressively she could whisper a scream, I wanted the scream too.  It wasn’t consistently the power voice you expect in a punk band, even though I had the suspicion it was just under the surface.   Rob is an impressive on stage presence.  I just wanted more from them, I was waiting for their breakout moment and it didn‘t come.  Find them on MySpace at http://www.myspace.com/deadrosesmusic/.

Chelsea Hotel is from Houston Texas.  A punk rock band that is hard and heavy, great lyrics and old school.  It is refreshing to get to hear the original sound of punk the kind that makes you want to dance and join a band.  Oh and give me an excuse to dye my hair pink and just maybe Jewels would let me borrow her killer boots.  I wish they were a local band I could stalk.  Members are Robert Conn – lead guitar/vocals, Jewels DeGidio – bass, Curtis W. DeGidio – guitar, and Zachary Ward – drums.  Find them on Face Book http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chelsea-Hotel/159728809423?sk=info/.

Down Fi is from Indianapolis.  Members are Craig Bell – vocals, bass, Samuel C. Murphy – guitar, and Blane Slaven – drums.  Craig Bell is a natural on the stage with his ad libs to the crowd and lyrical genius. He isn’t a young pup in this business which probably explains his graciousness and professionalism.  Their music is short bursts of power beats, words that mock, and Craig’s innate comic timing.  This is the second time I have seen them and I wouldn’t complain if they were on next week’s schedule too.  Check out their Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Down-Fi/103751966311/ music player and listen to “Everything Now” it is a short, ironical kiss;  leaves you smiling and coming back for more.

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