17 Jun. 2011

2011 ALC Winner The Knollwood Boys Play Slamology

Knollwood Boys

The Knollwood Boys throw down at Slamology
this Sunday, June 19th.

A month has passed since The Knollwood Boys walked away with the first place prize at the 2011 Acoustic Live Challenge. and this weekend the band is set to collect one of the biggest rewards of the 11-week contest: a spot at the 8th Annual Slamology Automotive & Music Festival.

Kit Clouser, Steve Webb, Nate Aydelotte and Brent Bockelman (better known as The Knollwood Boys) have been enjoying a bit of the good life since bringing home the trophy. In addition to their Slamology slot, the quartet won 10 hours of studio time at WINN Studios, CD design and packaging by Bleeding Media, and another performance spot at Mojostock in July.

But don’t think the boys have just been sitting around resting on their laurels waiting for the big day to jam in front of gearheads and music afficionados on a warm Indiana afternoon. No. They’ve taken their “Whisper Rock Folk Funk” sound all over the Naptown indie music scene hoping to win over anyone naysayers who might feel the ALC wasn’t on the up and up. From interviews with X103FM and Real Scene TV to invitations to join more music festivals than you can count, the band’s die-hard fans — the Knollfolk — will tell you, the funky foursome are definitely worth the price of admission.

Last May, the boys narrowly beat out solo rocker Jamie Carnes for the top spot in the ALC. But a win’s a win, and I have to say I was happy to see Kit & Company, alongside third place winner Joe Sherfick, congratulate each other and support everyone’s effort in an insanely tight and heated competition. Not everyone was happy with the final results, but that’s expected and The Knollwood Boys are determined to win over any naysayers this Sunday.

Enter SEG Productions and GAUGE Magazine’s annual tribute to all things music and automotive. The headliners Kramus and Xero Sum may be getting most of the media attention, but the ALC champions will not be ignored. Expect The Knollwood Boys to deliver their (un)usual brand of rock, folk, hip-hop, roots and blues. And maybe, just maybe, they’ll share some new tunes as well.

What about the rest of the ALC contestants? Well, you’ll be able to spy on some of them at Slamology too. On Saturday, hometown favorites (and ALC finalists) The Post Script take the stage. After their set, make sure you stick around for PERMACRUSH with lead singer Chris Crush, who challenged himself this year by going solo for the Acoustic Live Challenge. Although he mistakenly played a cover song in an all-original music contest, I hope he comes out to compete next year because a voice that strong and soulful deserves to be heard.

On Sunday, Slamology not only gives the gift of Knollwood, but also treats music fans to Whoa! Tiger (fronted by ALC contestant Jack Barkley) and the one and only Chad Mills (2008 ALC winner and 2011 ALC semi-finalist). Mills will be headlining the Sunday show with The Uptight Willies, so after you take a gander at all the shiny cars, win first place in the tattoo contest, and watch the skateboarders make you feel like you’re pushing retirement, park yourself in front of the stage and enjoy some Circle City music.

Slamology logoSlamology will be held on June 18th and 19th at the Marion County Fairgrounds on 7300 E. Troy Ave., on the city’s southeast side. Spectator gate hours are 9am to 6pm on Saturday, 9am to 5pm on Sunday. It’s $10 for one day, $15 for two days. Kids 10 and under are free.

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