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12 Nov. 2011

Going Independent a Dangerous Game?

Going Independent a Dangerous Game? By: Crystal Tieszen   Musicians have always had one goal in mind that is to get their music to reach as many people as possible. For years the goal has been to record, produce and market themselves to get noticed by a record label. With the direction in which music […]

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03 Jul. 2011

Concert Review: He is We, Andrew Allen, Ocean Grove and more at the Emerson

It wasn’t very long ago that I was introduced to He is We. From the first note of Rachel Taylor’s voice coming through the speakers, I fell in love. I was extremely excited to find out that they were coming to town and allowing a couple locals to open for them. The band set out […]

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02 Jul. 2011

An Interview with He is We in Indianapolis at the Emerson

He is We, consist of two main members Rachel Taylor and Trevor Kelly. The two met while working in a music shop, the kind where you can rent a tuba. You can imagine how much down time you have at a job like this. When you’re surrounded by instruments and just naturally talented, you can’t […]

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27 Jun. 2011

Kyle Stock Fest Kicked off the Summer Local Music Scene Right!

On Friday June 24th at College Park Ministries, 18 local and 1 not so local band, took the stage to kick off the summer of shows in the local music scene. It was a compilation of some of the best hardcore/punk bands Indy has to offer. If you hadn’t experienced the music scene in Indy […]

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22 Jun. 2011

He is We tour @ the Emerson next Friday with some Local Goodies!

Next Friday night at The Emerson on the east side of Indianapolis, none other then He is We will be gracing the stage. If there was ever a story of a meeting of destiny, its the story behind Rachel Taylor and Trevor Kelly. Kelly and Taylor worked together at Ted Brown Music, after passing each […]

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